Our English Communication programme gives you the knowledge and practical skills to communicate both fluently and professionally in any situation in daily life. From checking in a hotel or order food at a restaurant to going to the doctor, socializing with a foreigner at the airport or in the street or talking about current news, our courses will give you all the necessary English skills to face these situations with high levels of confidence.



All our team of Business Skills trainers have university degrees, Cambridge CELTA teaching qualifications, MBA' or Masters in Education as well as solid experience teaching and training.


Our training programmes are developed in-house by our Academic department and cannot be found elsewhere and are tailored to the needs of Vietnamese speakers.


Our courses are aimed at university students and working people who need to develop their General English communication skills.


Our teaching methodology is student–centred as opposed to lectured or teacher-centred in other training centres. This means that our trainers are constantly involving the students in the lesson through cases studies, simulation exercises, speaking role plays and individual & group projects. In each lesson, students have plenty of opportunities to practice speaking in different scenarios.
Course Foundations for English Communication 1 Foundations for English Communication 2 Foundations for English Communication 3 English Communication Skills 1 English Communication Skills 2 English Communication Skills 3
Duration 36 hours 36 hours 36 hours 36 hours 36 hours 36 hours
Entrance level Elementary High Elementary Elementary Pre-Intermediate Pre-Intermediate Pre Intermediate
Class size 10 10 10 10 10 10
Assessment Pre test
Final test
Pre test
Final test
Pre test
Final test
Pre test
Final test
Pre test
Final test
Pre test
Final test
Tuition 8.155.000đ 8.155.000đ 8.155.000đ 8.563.000đ 8.563.000đ 8.563.000đ
Ktdc Gift
New opening 04/03/2024 02/03/2021 06/10/2021
Trainer Danny Danny Colomer Emily Wesly Wesly



In a core class, you can expect a wellrounded immersion in design that will flex your skills in most (if not all) core design abilities. In a core class, you can expect a well-rounded immersion in design that will flex your skills in most (if not all) core design abilities.

  • Training fee
  • Access to our online platform where you can be in touch with your classmate as well as your trainer, receive materials and supports directly by your trainer and our customer service team.
  • Receive KTDC kit includes notebook, bag, pen for your study.
  • Participate free events and workshops during your study.

We require you to do a placement test with our trainer before registering a course. The full test is 45’ and includes 4 skills: Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking based on the TOEIC format. Your result will be ready right after you finish the test.

With the result, our trainer and customer service team will help you to analyse your English ability and consult you a course which suits your level and your study plan the most.

We cannot guarantee the availability of courses at every level. If we cannot offer you a place on a course, you will be put on a priority waiting list and our customer service team will contact to inform you the next coming course of the same level.

After the placement test, you can deposit a minimum amount of VND 200.000 to reserve a place in the course. You should settle the course payment 1 week before the course starts. Once you have settled the full payment, the deposit will be refunded or deducted from the course fee. Deposit is affectively within 5 months.

If course fees are not paid at least one week before the course begins, your place in the course will be forfeited and given to a student on the waiting list without any recourse.

Case eligible of deferrals of courses fees: You have serious illness or accidents, University’s schedule changes, go on a business 50% longer than course’s time (proof required). Management fee of 200,000vnd will be charged in any case of deferrals above.

Course fees are non-refundable except case that KTDC Group cancels the course

Each student is allowed to be transfer once during the course.
Transfer from one class to another in the same term is possible in the first week of term only and subject to agreement with our trainer and to the availability of a place.